If Israel invades, Tel Aviv will be reduced to rubble: Iran threatens to retaliate

Tehran: (Web Desk) In response to threats from Israel, Iran says that if the Zionist state attacks, it will destroy Tel Aviv and Haifa in return.

According to the details, the Iranian commander has made this threat in response to the recent statements of the Israeli army. The head of the Israeli army says that new military plans are being formulated to deal with Iran’s nuclear capabilities.

According to the Iranian news agency Fars, the commander of the Revolutionary Guards, Brigadier General Abolfazl Shikarchi, has said that even if Israel makes a small mistake against Iran, we will target all the missile bases that will be used to attack Iran. And Haifa and Tel Aviv will be reduced to rubble in a very short time.

He said Israel was not aware of Iran’s military capabilities. The cancerous boil (Israel) in the region must be eradicated because it has done so much harm to Muslims.

It is to be noted that the Israeli Army Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Afif Koshawi had said in a speech that the Zionist army was rescheduling operational plans against Iran. If the United States rejoins the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran, it will be a big mistake.

He said in a speech at Tel Aviv University that Iran could decide whether to make covert or provocative progress in obtaining the bomb. In light of this fundamental analysis, I asked the IDF In addition to the existing projects, several new projects have been ordered. We are studying these projects and we will make further progress on them in the coming year.

General Koshawi opposed the US rejoining the nuclear deal with Iran, saying it would be a “strategically wrong decision” if it was revived or improved and the US rejoined it.

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